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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Deathwatch Brother Cassiel - Dark Heresy Campaign

Hello everyone!

I had completely forgotten to upload pictures of this mini project to this blog, mostly use Instagram lately, but I will still try to at least post pictures of my finished projects here.

Anyway like I probably mentioned in my last post, I'm currently playing in a Dark Heresy RPG campaign with a handful of friends and after our previous game I was invited to join the group as a permanent player.

That meant my character had to change a bit for it to make any sense what so ever that I was hanging around helping the Inquisition :-p

So my character is currently serving in the Deathwatch in our current story, which is really cool, but of course I had to paint a new mini! :-D

Until next time

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Iron Hands Tactical Marine - Deathwatch

Hello everyone!

This weekend I attended KōyōCon, where I painted and talked to people about painting techniques etc. was a blast.

As I needed a little project that I could finish in a couple of days, I ended up painting the last member of our Deathwatch Kill-team for our Deathwatch RPG campaign. So now we all have painted miniatures to represent our characters in glorious battle.

More pictures!

Hope you like it!

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Storm Warden Librarian - Deathwatch

Hello everyone 

So I just finished the last miniature for our Deathwatch group, so now everyone have their own awesome figure to portray their character.

This mini is based of the one of the new Librarian figures from Games Workshop, and then it has been sligthly converted to better fit the description of my friends character in game.

I think it turned out pretty nice and it looks great standing next to the other figures I've already painted in the glass montre at our gaming club :D

Anyway that's enough text for now, let me show some more pictures.

Hope you liked it :)

Up next is a little secret project and yesterday I also started working on my Warhound Titan, so that's going to be quite the paintjob.

Until next time

Monday, 11 January 2016

Dark Angel Devastator - Deathwatch

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to post a few pictures of this little mini I painted for a friend so would have an awesome  figure to use during our Deathwatch sessions :-D

Really glad with how it turned out and right now I'm working on another figure for our Storm Warden Librarian.

Anyway hope you like it

Until next time!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Inquisitor Furian Sagaroth - Deathwatch

Hello everyone

Today I want to share my latest little project :)

This mini was painted as a gift to a friend of mine, so he could get a proper mini to portray his Inquisitor during our Deathwatch RPG sessions. The figure is basically the Forgeworld Solomon Lok figure, which I then modified slightly to better portray his character.

Painting this was a blast and I'm quite happy with how it turned out, and more importantly so is my friend :-D the "bad" thing is that I probably also have to paint figures for the rest of the group.

That's it for now, I hope you liked it :)

Update 11/11/16
Got around to painting a base for this mini :)

Monday, 22 June 2015

Crimson Fists - Oranis Vela - Brother of the Deathwatch

Hello everyone

So later this year I'm joining a group of friends in their current Deathwatch campaign (One of the current members is going abroad for 6 months). And since they use figures in their game, I thought I would paint up a figure, so I was ready to join :-p

I'm to play a Crimson Fists Assault Marine, so I made this figure from the Games Workshop Vanguard Veteran boxed set and their Deathwatch Kill Team Upgrade pack.

I decided to magnetize everything so I can change what weapons I'm using. Also considering doing a normal backpack and a standard bolter, but that will be at a later point.

Hope you like it :)

As usual comments and questions are more than welcome!