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Monday, 27 November 2017

Work in Progress - Abaddon - Wargame Exclusive

Hello everyone!

Just thought I would make a short post about my current project.
If you would like to see more regular WIP photos etc. you should follow me on Instagram @DornsArrow :)

But anyway, I'm currently painting this lovely miniature from Wargame Exclusive, I think this specific version a very limited edition, but they do make one which is almost the same.

Painting this has made me realize that I'm glad my main force if not Black much bloody gold trim on these Chaos models :-D  However I'm trying to make it fit in with my Sons of Horus, and the main idea was to use this mini in an Apocalypse Campaign I'm currently playing in. Therefor I'm not going full 40k chaos on it.

Anyway hope you enjoy this little teaser, hopefully I will have it done soon :)


Monday, 17 October 2016

Crimson Gauntlets - Lord-Celestant and Co. - Age of Sigmar - Games Workshop

Hello everyone!

So at long last I managed to get my Age of Sigmar starter set army finished! Just recently finished the Lord-Celestant and got the rest based properly. Now I'm looking forward to paint something else.

While I painted the Dracoth for the Lord-Celestant I actually also finished a squad of soldiers for my Bolt Action army, will post some pictures at some point :)

Anyway not much else to say, so have some more pictures :-p


Hope you liked it, C&C more than welcome :)

Until next time

Monday, 29 August 2016

Crimson Gauntlets - Retributors - Age of Sigmar - Games Workshop

Hello everyone

Just finished painting my Storm Cast Retributors tonight and thought I would share some pictures :)
Like my Lord Relictor they have been painted as my own made up Stormhost "The Crimson Gauntlets".

Enjoy, C&C are more than welcome, either here, FB or Instagram

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Crimson Gauntlets - Lord Relictor - Age of Sigmar - Games Workshop

Hello everyone!

I'm currently painting my Stormcast Eternal Stormhost from the Age of Sigmar starter box, since its been like a year since I bought it. This is the Lord Relictor from the boxset (Awesome figure), I've already painted 13 of the other Stormcast from the set (Pictures will come at a later point, since I still need to do the bases),  the reason I'm showing this figure is that I actually finished this mini to use in the Warhammer Quest - Silver Tower campaign some friends and I are currently running.

Instead of painting my Stormcast in some of the paint schemes Games Workshop have made, I decided to create my own "Crimson Gauntlets" the colours are heavily inspired by the Space Marine Chapter "Crimson Fists" (Which is my favorite :-p) only with more gold. My "normal" units however don't have blue armor but rather silver (Didn't want to copy the scheme 100%).

The Lord Relictor would normally have the same colours, but I decided to go with a more Warhammer 40.000 Chaplain inspired look.

Anyway, enough talk have a few more pictures :)

Hope you liked it, C&C are more than welcome (Here, FB or Instagram)