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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Crimson Fist Terminator Captain - True Scale - Captain Calico Miniatures

Hello everyone!

About 1 month ago I purchased this awesome miniature from Captain Calico Miniatures. I had seen his work on Warseer a while back and loved what he did. When I saw he was in the process of making this mini my attention peaked!

And moments after he had released it a bought one :-p

This figure is "True Scale" and I think it's about 45mm to eye height. Which makes it quite a lot larger than a normal Games Workshop Space Marine (photo comparison later).

The paint job turned out pretty well I think, some parts could have been better (they always can) and looking at the pictures I spotted something I forgot to paint >.< , will fix that later.

Anyway have some pictures ;)

Really hope you liked it, as usual comments and questions are more than welcome