Sunday, 27 December 2015

Poe Dameron - X-Wing Repaint

Hello everyone

Yesterday a was painting in my local gaming club and a friend of mine jokingly put down one of his T-70 X-Wings and said Poe Dameron, to his suprise I picked it up and said "Ok that could be done quickly" :-D

So here's the result after a few hours of painting :) it's the first time I've repainted a X-wing fighter, but probably won't be the last as some of my own prepainted Tie Fighters looks quite shitty.

My friend was almost like a kid on christmas when I handed him his X-Wing back :-p so mission accomplished.

That's it for now 

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Space Hulk - Finally finished!

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I finally finished the last figure from my friends Space Hulk game! at last the time has come for me to start painting my own things again. I feel like Andy Dufresne standing in the rain after having crawled to shit. 

I know I haven't posted pictures of all the Genestealers I've painted, but right now I just hate them to much to spend more time on them :-p god I hate painting genestealers....

But anyway here's a few pictures of the final piece, the Blood Angel Fallen.

My next projects are painting a few more Deathwatch characters, painting my Warhound Titan and a little secret project which is to be used as a gift.

Anyway that's it for now :)