Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Garviel Loken - Captain of The Sons of Horus 10th Company

Hello everyone

So because I recently finished a lot of the Genestealers from the Space Hulk game, that I've currently been painting for a friend of mine, I decided to do a little fun project :-D

I've been listening to some of the Horus Heresy audio books from The Black Library and Loken is just a fantastic character so I wanted to paint him. I did however not really like the head from the Forgeworld model, so I changed it for a normal MKIV captain head.

This build also gave me a chance to try out some of the Forgeworld airbrush colors (Lupercal Green and Sons of Horus Green) and beside being in idiotic paint bottles they are very nice and mix excellently with colors from the Vallejo Game Air series.

Anyway here's some more pictures. These were taken with in my new Light Box which I probably need a bit more practice using. The green looks a little boring on the pictures, at least in my head and the figure is just a lot nicer when you have it in your hand.

That's it for now