Friday, 12 February 2016

Cthulhu - Scibor Miniatures - 28CM0005

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to show a few pictures of a little side project I've had planned for some months and spend a few weeks of january painting.

This is the Scibor Miniatures Cthulhu and it's just a beautiful model so rich with details, and even though this was the first monster I have ever painted it was a joy to work on a miniature this well made.

Before I moved to my new apartment, I used to drive about 80km to be with my friends at Projekt Nexus, which is a tabletop/roleplaying/boardgame club I've been a member of for a couple of years.

I've spend so many weekends at that place, bringing all my painting equipment from home. But it was always a bitch to drive back and forth several times a weekend. Luckily I have a very good friend here, who have let me crash on his couch countless times, always helping out if he could. 

So I kinda wanted to pay him back a bit, so last year around september/oktober I decided I wanted to paint something nice for him, and knowing that he is a HUGE Lovecraft fan, an awesome Cthulhu miniature seemed like a proper gift.

So I looked around the interwebs and found this magnificent miniature from Scibor.

This a couple of days ago (10.02) it was his birthday and I finally got to present him with this after having it laying around for several months.

Anyway enough backstory! time for a few pictures.


I'm not really a monster painter, never has been and probably never will be, but I'm still rather happy with how this one turned out.

Really hope you liked it, and feel post your comment/suggestions/questions below :)

Now back to Titan painting!