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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Space Hulk - Finally finished!

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I finally finished the last figure from my friends Space Hulk game! at last the time has come for me to start painting my own things again. I feel like Andy Dufresne standing in the rain after having crawled to shit. 

I know I haven't posted pictures of all the Genestealers I've painted, but right now I just hate them to much to spend more time on them :-p god I hate painting genestealers....

But anyway here's a few pictures of the final piece, the Blood Angel Fallen.

My next projects are painting a few more Deathwatch characters, painting my Warhound Titan and a little secret project which is to be used as a gift.

Anyway that's it for now :)


Monday, 25 May 2015

Space Hulk - Heroes of 1st Company - Finished

Hello everyone!

So this weekend I finally managed to get all 12 playable Terminators from Games Workshop finished. As I mentioned in an earlier post I'm painting a good friend of mines Space Hulk set, so now only the Genestealers remain...(/cry)

Those figures have taken quite a while to paint because each figure is very unique and full of detail. I think they turned out pretty good and by the sound of my friends almost girlish outburst when he saw them I will consider it a job  well done.

Anyway don't think I will say anything else, so let's have a shitton of pictures.

Brother Deino

Brother Gideon

Brother Goriel

Brother Leon

Brother Valencio

Brother Zael

Lexicanium Calistarius

Heroes of 1st Company

That's it for now :) I hope you liked it. My next projekt won't be the Genestealers (Want to paint something of my own) but a rather cool True Scale Space Marine, hopefull I will have something to show soon.

As usual comments or questions are more than welcome.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Space Hulk - First Squad - Finished

Hello everyone!

So I managed to get the first 5 Terminators finished for the Space Hulk commission I'm doing for a good friend of mine. 

Terminators Finished:
  • Sergeant Lorenzo
  • Brother Claudio
  • Brother Omnio
  • Brother Scipio
  • Brother Noctis
As far as I remember I got 7-8 Terminators left to paint and then a shitton of Genestealers, but these figures are just pure joy to paint, so many details and awesome poses.

Here's some more pictures! enjoy

 Brother Claudio

 Brother Noctis

 Brother Omnio

 Brother Scipio

 Sergeant Lorenzo

Hope you liked it :)

Until next time