Painting Guides

Hello everyone

Here I will keep the links to all the painting guides I've made during the years.

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Warhammer - Horus Heresy

Sons of Horus - Green Power Armour - Painting Guide

PDF v.2

PDF - White Background v.2

Sons of Horus - Black Power Armour - Painting Guide


PDF - White Background

Sons of Horus - Red Bases - Painting Guide



Simple Power Weapons - PDF


In this section I will post tutorials I've made with other artists in the community.

PDF - Lil'Legend - Painting White Scars


Abaddon Bust - Colour Step-by-step


Here you'll find the tutorials I've done on historical subjects.

Napoleonic French Infantry


  1. Hi!
    I tried your FW green recipe with the most recent iteration of Sons of Horus green paint sold by Citadel, but the colour it produces seems to be much different to what's shown in your guide (far duller). Do you know if the recipe of the paint has changed, or might there be some mistake I'm making?

    1. Hey
      I'm glad you gave it a go :D I don't know if they have changed the colours, but they might have. I'm not kept in the loop about such things :p
      But I'm sure you should still be able to produce some lovely Sons of Horus using the new ones, even though they might not look exactly like mine, the most important is that they look right to you.


  2. This is an excellent tutorial!! (both of them). I can see that you put a lot of effort on creating them. This should reach more ppl!!
    Try to put it on reddit!!!
    Congratulations and thank you!!

    1. Thank you very much, glad you like them :-)
      I think I have posted them on reddit some years ago, and now I just keep them here. People still seem to find them.

  3. Awesome tutorial, would it be possible to do something of this effect without an airbrush? If so, would your instruction still apply? Thanks in advance

    1. Thank you very much :)
      I suppose it would be, it would just be way more time consuming. If I had to do that myself I would probably go with a black/white preshade using rattle cans and then doing thin glazes of colour one panel at the time. Citadel or Army Painter contrast/speed paints would be great for this, but just thinning your paints a little more and then applying them would also work.

  4. Apparently dark reaper is suggested for Sons of Horus green now and it looks way too steel/blue to me. I am really trying to capture that citadel kabalite green colour in this guide. Would a contrast (i.e dark angels) or a shade (i.e. coelia Green shade) over dark reaper put a green hue into the blue or would you recommend something else?

    1. I can't really give a good answer to that, as you mention a lot of colours I've never used before. Try checking out Darren Latham on instagram, he just did a quick contrast tutorial to sort of match the new Sons of Horus box art.

  5. Looking at your models just makes me feel good inside. I'm excited to apply some of your techniques to my AoS set when it arrives. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  6. Assuming a similar technique, can you provide a color palette for your ultramarines??

    1. It's basically just Lil'Legends palette from his Patreon :-) I'd suggest checking that out. The process is not exactly the same as my SoH, as I use more preshading on my Ultramarines.

      But since I'm just using a slightly modified version of his technique I think it would be a douche move for me to make a tutorial on it, as it's his livelyhood and I'm just a hobbyist.