Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Grog Strongjaw - Critical Role - Geek & Sundry

Hello everyone

I just finished this little passion project yesterday and thought I would share som pictures :) The miniature is from Ares Mythology and it's just amazing.

I've been watching Critical Role almost since the beginning of the Stream and I just knew I wanted to paint something related to the show. Travis Willingham plays the Goliath Barbarian Grog Strongjaw and he's probably my favorite of the crew, so I decided to try and find a figure that would resemble Grog. Luckily Ares Mythology made this cool looking figure and I thought it would serve the purpose excellent.

Anyway, I've never painted a 70mm figure before so this been very difficult for me to paint, but I think it turned out quite well and I've definitely learned a lot. Painting time used I would guess at atleast 100+ hours of painting, but I haven't really kept track :p




Looking forward to paint something smaller next :p
Until next time

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