Monday, 22 June 2015

Crimson Fists - Oranis Vela - Brother of the Deathwatch

Hello everyone

So later this year I'm joining a group of friends in their current Deathwatch campaign (One of the current members is going abroad for 6 months). And since they use figures in their game, I thought I would paint up a figure, so I was ready to join :-p

I'm to play a Crimson Fists Assault Marine, so I made this figure from the Games Workshop Vanguard Veteran boxed set and their Deathwatch Kill Team Upgrade pack.

I decided to magnetize everything so I can change what weapons I'm using. Also considering doing a normal backpack and a standard bolter, but that will be at a later point.

Hope you like it :)

As usual comments and questions are more than welcome!


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Space Hulk - Broodlord - Games Workshop


Sweet baby jesus! two posts in 1 day, amazing!

This is the Broodlord from the Games Workshop game Space Hulk. Like the Blood Angel terminators I have painting earlier, this is also a little commission for a friend of mine.

It's a challenge for me to paint figures like this, since I'm most comfortable painting humanoids and more heroic less evil things :-p

It did however turn out pretty good I think, and my friend is also happy and that's the most important.

Just need to paint the rest of the Genestealers now.....

That's it for now :)


Crimson Fist Terminator Captain - True Scale - Captain Calico Miniatures

Hello everyone!

About 1 month ago I purchased this awesome miniature from Captain Calico Miniatures. I had seen his work on Warseer a while back and loved what he did. When I saw he was in the process of making this mini my attention peaked!

And moments after he had released it a bought one :-p

This figure is "True Scale" and I think it's about 45mm to eye height. Which makes it quite a lot larger than a normal Games Workshop Space Marine (photo comparison later).

The paint job turned out pretty well I think, some parts could have been better (they always can) and looking at the pictures I spotted something I forgot to paint >.< , will fix that later.

Anyway have some pictures ;)

Really hope you liked it, as usual comments and questions are more than welcome