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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Ezekyle Abaddon - Wargame Exclusive

Hello everyone!
After reading "The Talon of Horus" by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, I knew I had to paint up an Abaddon mini, sadly Games Workshop most current version just isn't up to scratch, but luckily I had managed to get my hands on one of the first limited edition CHAOS MASTER OF CRUSADE from Wargame Exclusive. I don't think its on sale anymore, so if you would like one, you should probably look on Ebay or maybe write them directly?

This miniature was amazing (except for the sword, which I really didn't like) and just a joy to paint, the sculpt was nearly perfect, with only a minimum of mold lines and all the details came out so crisp. I would highly recommend anyone to check out Wargame Exclusives other miniatures.

Until next time.



Next project is the big man himself...

Monday, 22 June 2015

Crimson Fists - Oranis Vela - Brother of the Deathwatch

Hello everyone

So later this year I'm joining a group of friends in their current Deathwatch campaign (One of the current members is going abroad for 6 months). And since they use figures in their game, I thought I would paint up a figure, so I was ready to join :-p

I'm to play a Crimson Fists Assault Marine, so I made this figure from the Games Workshop Vanguard Veteran boxed set and their Deathwatch Kill Team Upgrade pack.

I decided to magnetize everything so I can change what weapons I'm using. Also considering doing a normal backpack and a standard bolter, but that will be at a later point.

Hope you like it :)

As usual comments and questions are more than welcome!


Saturday, 6 October 2012

Chaos Lord - Dark Vengeance

Hello everyone!

Today I have a small update of one of my ny small projects. For the first time it isn't about Crimson Fists Space marines! no no, this time I'm trying myself with a Chaos figure from the Dark Vengeance set, this will be the first time in a very very long time I will be painting a "evil" figure, as I'm always more drawn to "the good guys", so I'm looking forward to trying to paint a darker more evul type of figure.

Not much to show at the moment, but so far I've just prepped the figure and primed it.

Progress Update:

Been working abit more on my Chaos Lord, still far from finished though, but it's fun to try painting something other than your standard space marine, and this lord is quite a challenge, with all his weird bling and faces on his armour and sword etc.

Well here's some pictures, still much to do!

Update 15.10.2012

So after a while not really progressing much on this figure, I managed to get some work done today. Not really alot left to be done actually, I will probably assemble it later today, and then paint the rest of the small details afterwards.


So today I managed to finish my first attempt at painting a Chaos Space Marine, and it has been a great experience, it's so different from my normal Space Marines, so much more bling and weird stuff all over the place.

Sorry about the pictures quality, they were taken with my phone because I lent my camera to my little brother for him and his girlfriends trip to Scotland. But I hope you'll live :-p

I actually have the Chaos Chosen from the Dark Vengeance set coming my way soon, and kinda looking forward to painting them.

That's it for now, hope you liked it, so until next time.


*Comments are more than welcome*