About Me

Hello my name is Christoffer I'm 29 and from Denmark and I've been building and painting military model kits, mostly in 1/35 scale and from different eras, since i was about 6-7 years old, and I love my father for introducing me to the hobby.
I don't remember precisely when my brother and me got our first Wahammer figures, but we've been collecting and painting ever since.

I currently work as a systemdeveloper at large IT-company in the finacial sector and have for 4 years now. I finished my bachelor as an ICT-Engineer january 2014 and have been working ever since.

I spend a lot of my spare time painting, gaming, drawing, reading, RP and playing boardgames etc. I'm part of a club where I live, which is focused on all aspects of nerdy stuff (Projekt Nexus) and actually I probably spend most of my spare time there, as it's just more fun to hang out with like minded people to either play games , chill or even paint :-p

I think that's enough for now :-D

Hope you like my work