Saturday, 3 April 2021

April's Fool 2021 - Sons of Horus Primaris - Games Workshop


Hello everyone

I recently finished this model, which is the first and most likely only Primaris Marine I will ever paint. The model was painted as a joke for April's Fool on my Instagram, you can see the post here. Most people recognized it as the joke it was, but a surprising amount of people believed everything in I wrote in that post :p

It was an awesome model to paint, most of the Primaris models are excellent, just a shame I don't really like the lore or the current iteration of the game. 

Also if you are viewing this post between the 2nd and 9th of April I'm currently running a giveaway of this model which you can check out here.

Until next time!

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

VI Legion Watch Pack - Vlka Fenryka - Mournival Events


Hello everyone

So I spent the last few months getting these 10 members of The Vlka Fenryka painted. I don't know why they took so long...might have been all that Vermintide 2 I've been playing recently :-p

These are veeeery loosely modelled on the Watch Pack that arrive on Macragge in the book "Unremembered Empire". I've just used a few random "Space Wolf" bits from different brand and then the Grey Slayer upgrade kits from Forgeworld to make these and then I've based them to match my Ultramarines.

Was pretty fun to try and paint another legion again, but overall I didn't enjoy this project too much and I'm looking forward to paint something else. 

Anyway, enough talk! Here's a few more pictures enjoy :-)

Until next time

Sunday, 7 February 2021

"Saturnine" Terminators - Sons of Horus - Aus30K (Mk 1 Savage Pattern Tactical Armour)

Hello everyone

The past couple of weeks I've been working on this Terminator Command Squad for my Sons of Horus. The models are from a Kickstarter AUS30K did a year or two ago, The MKI Savage Pattern Terminators. Love them or hate them, I've definitely come to love these hand-sculpted models over the course of painting them. I've made a few conversions on them, primarily weapon swaps and adding a few different items to make them look more like Sons of Horus.

Overall it was a very fun project to build and paint, even though I ended up painting them to a slightly higher standard than I would normally do on "normal" infantry, but I just couldn't help myself.

If these models have piqued your interest, you can actually buy them now in their store.

Anyway, I've basically painted them just like I've described in my old painting guides, just doing a bit more highlighting on the armour panels during the last steps.

Here are a few more pictures, hope you enjoy :)

That's for now, my next project with just be a couple of Critical Role miniatures I really need to get done, but after that I will be adding another unit to my Ultramarine ZM force.

Until next time

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Update to Painting Guides


Hello everyone

Just a short update today, as I've moved some things around on the blog, to make them easier to find. Before all my Painting Guides was shared in a Blog Post from 2019 and if it wasn't because it was one of my most visited posts, it would have been quite difficult to find.

But I've decided to move all my guides to their own menu, so they will be much easier to find in the future.

In other news, I've also set up a Ko-fi account, so if you want to support me, so you can continue to enjoy my current and future free Painting Guides, I would appreciate it greatly! but it's not a requirement. More details on this on the Painting Guide page.

Hope you are all well <3

Until next time

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Rivendell "Battle Company" - Ñoldorin- MESBG - Games Workshop


Mae govannen, mellyrn nin

So I've finished the first part of my little Lord of The Rings project. The bases still need a bit of work, but that will be done soon'ish when the shops here in Denmark open again.
I'm doing this project with a friend of mine and he has also nearly finished painting all his orcs, I really can't wait till we can begin to play. Which reminds me, that I should probably read the rules for the game :-p.

I've already ordered a few more things for this force, but that will have to wait, as I really need to paint some Heresy again now, all this cloth/cloaks has driven me slightly crazy to paint.

Anyway enjoy some more pictures

Until next time