Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Deredeo Dreadnought - Sons of Horus - Forgeworld

Hello everyone

Quick little post today as I just wanted to show my latest addition to my Sons of Horus Army, a Deredeo Dreadnought with all weapon options.

Next project will probably be a Dreadclaw drop pod I think, but I haven't decided yet.

Hope you like it
Until next time


Monday, 12 August 2019

Grog Strongjaw - Critical Role - Steamforged Games

Hello everyone

As some might know I'm a big fan of the show Critical Role and have painted other miniatures inspired by their campaign. The show was the sole reason I got into Pen & Paper RPG's in the first place, going from never having played before to now playing in 3 active campaigns across 3 different systems.

Last year (I think) they teamed up with Steamforged Games to produce 2 sets of miniatures covering both of their campaigns on Kickstarter. Naturally, I backed it but sadly didn't get around to paint them when I received my pledge. Having recently started watching their second campaign again from where I left off (only about 50 episodes behind....so about 200 hours :-p), life getting in the way of spending 4-5 hours a week watching the show, I felt it was time to start painting them.

I'm currently in the middle of painting another model, but in between varnish & oils drying I painted the first of the characters from the miniature set covering their first campaign. I managed to paint it 2-3 evenings, so I think I will be able to paint the remaining minis fairly quickly.

Anyway, let me present my second rendition of Grog Strongjaw.


I hope you like it and hopefully I will have the rest of Vox Machina painted in no time ;) then The Mighty Nine.

Until then

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Tartaros Terminators - Sons of Horus - Games Workshop

Hello everyone

A couple of years ago I painted 5 Tartaros Terminators for my Sons of Horus, but I haven't actually used them that much since they never seem to live very long on the battlefield due to their reduced save compared to Cataphractii armoured counterparts. However, since I really liked the design I always wanted to buff them to a 10 man squad and lucky for me I received another 5 as a birthday present from my lovely colleagues at work.

My original group also didn't have any real special weapons apart from the Reaper Autocannon which doesn't benefit much from the Sons of Horus Legion rules, so this time around I wanted to add some better weapons against tanks and some Plasma Blasters which I hope will work great with the Death dealer rule. So I did 4 combi-meltas, 3 Chainfists, 1 Power Sword, 1 Powerfist and a Plasma Blaster. I also did paint a Reaper Autocannon and another Plasma Blaster for my original Autocannon Termie (Gotta love magnets).

Really looking forward to playing them for the first time.


Next project might be a Deredeo Dreadnought or some Terrain I have to get finished....Haven't made up my mind :p

Until next time

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Angron The Red Angel - Primarch of the XII Legion - Forgeworld

"You kept that mule Kor Phaeron. Russ kept his kin-friends. The Lion kept Luther. Humans - brothers and foster fathers - saved and raised into Legion ranks. But not me. Not Angron, no. Did the Emperor teleport his gold-wrapped Custodians down to help me and my army? No. Did he free the War Hounds and order them to battle, fight alongside me? No. Did he save my brothers and sisters the way he spared and honoured the Lion's closest kin? The way he honoured Kor Phaeron? No, no and no. No mercy for Angron. Angron the Oathbreaker. 
Angron the Betrayer."

Hello everyone
I usually never do any form of commission work and when I do it's usually small things for friends or maybe a birthday present as Alpharius. However one of my friends recently started getting into the Horus Heresy, but since he is colour blind and really dislike painting he's been getting it commission painted by another one of our friends. She didn't really feel like painting Angron though and since I've wanted to paint this miniature ever since it was released, I offered to paint it for a very small (too small it turned out...) sum of money :p

So here he is! in all his bloody glory. Angron Primarch of the World Eaters Legion painted over a month or two, but mostly during the first week of my summer vacation.

I hope you like it :) C&C is as usual much appreciated.



Next project is 5 more Tartaros Terminators for my Sons of Horus, so look forward to that I guess.

Until next time