Sunday, 31 July 2016

Crimson Gauntlets - Lord Relictor - Age of Sigmar - Games Workshop

Hello everyone!

I'm currently painting my Stormcast Eternal Stormhost from the Age of Sigmar starter box, since its been like a year since I bought it. This is the Lord Relictor from the boxset (Awesome figure), I've already painted 13 of the other Stormcast from the set (Pictures will come at a later point, since I still need to do the bases),  the reason I'm showing this figure is that I actually finished this mini to use in the Warhammer Quest - Silver Tower campaign some friends and I are currently running.

Instead of painting my Stormcast in some of the paint schemes Games Workshop have made, I decided to create my own "Crimson Gauntlets" the colours are heavily inspired by the Space Marine Chapter "Crimson Fists" (Which is my favorite :-p) only with more gold. My "normal" units however don't have blue armor but rather silver (Didn't want to copy the scheme 100%).

The Lord Relictor would normally have the same colours, but I decided to go with a more Warhammer 40.000 Chaplain inspired look.

Anyway, enough talk have a few more pictures :)

Hope you liked it, C&C are more than welcome (Here, FB or Instagram)