Friday, 28 September 2012

Crimson Fists - Captain Cortez - Painting

Greetings everyone

So I've slowly started painting my Cortez figure, so far not to much just primed, painted armour blue and made some shadows on it.

I'm really looking forward to painting this figure, as I'm quite proud of how the construction of it turned out, and I really hope I can get this model to look epic or something.

Update - 30.09.2012

As promised at managed to get some more work done today. I've been working on the red, seals and the power armor.

Anyway, have some pictures!

First of its just a few shots of the progress before I started working on his armor.

 And here's the result of the armor, think it is done, but things might change later perhaps.

Update - 01.10.2012

Think the model is finished now, just need to get to work on his banner now. I hope you like it.


Lets say he's finished now, perhaps the banner could have been a tad more fancy, but meh it's fine as it is now. Overall quite happy with how this turned out, and felt I have gotten abit better and doing the power armour highlight.

I really like how I managed to pose this guy and do some very simple green stuff, one thing I would have liked was the laurel behind the chest fist, to have been abit better, but hey first try doing it, so can't to sad about it.
But beside that I'm really pleased with this guy, some people would probably have prefered to use a bare head without a helmet, but hey it's my Cortez so I decide :-D

Please feel free to comment :-)


*Added more pictures - 04.10.13*

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Crimson Fists - Chaplain

Hello folks

Yes as you can see I have started yet another project! which is a result of a good mate of mine getting his hands on a couple of sets of Dark Vengeance and not needing all the special characters.

So yesterday evening I tried my luck with converting this Dark Angel Chaplain Seraphicus into a more generic Chaplain that I could actually use for my Crimson Fists Army.

Here's some pictures of the result so far. The picture quiality isn't perfect and for that I'm sorry.

The figures from the Dark Vengeance set is simply stunning, and some of them almost make me wonder why GW even bother with resin and metal figures when they can make plastic figures this detailed :-)

It's a shame, well not a shame, but it could have been nice if the set hadn't been chapter specific (Dark Angels) but just plain figures so the user could choose his own Chapter to paint, but then again Dark Angels are pretty cool. Luckily it isn't impossible at all  to fairly easily convert the figures into some other chapter, a sharp knife, some sand paper, some files and perhaps abit of green stuff and you're almost there already.

Finished! - 26.09.2012

So after having worked on this figure for about 2 days, I think I'm about ready to call it finished. It was great fun painting something different from blue marines for a change, I just wish I hadn't glued the two torso halves together before painting, since there was alot of hard to reach places, but overall I think this figure turned out allright.

Well here's what you came for :-)

Personally I'm quite happy with the result, I feel my attempt to remove most of the Dark Angels stuff was quite succesfull, maybe I should have gone with a transfer decal on his shoulder, but any chance to practice some green stuff should be taken :-)

Think next project will be painting my Cortez figure and then perhaps the 25th edition Space Marine afterwards, maybe I should soon start to paint some standard units and not only HQ :-D

If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them below.



*Added more pictures 04.10.13*

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Crimson Fists - 25th Anniversary Captain

Mornings everyone

I recently purchased the 25 year anniversary Crimson Fists Space Marine and yesterday I started painting it, well I say painting, but in fairness I just primed it black, but it's a start! 
This figure (and base) is my first Finecast experience, and I must say the detail level is simply amazing, of course I don't know if this goes for all finecast figures or just this one :-p and it seems to have been a pretty good cast aswell, but not without a few little mistakes in the resin, but nothing major, easy fix atleast.

I've read alot of positive but also alot of negative reviews of this figure, alot of people seems displeased about him not having that wrist mounting gun you can see on the original artwork, but I quite like the plasma pistol and I think the sculptor did a great job bringing this iconic figure into the 6th edition.


So far I've only primed him and painted his armor blue, so nothing exciting yet. I'm actually spending more time on painting the orc head at the moment, since Its been years since I've painted an Orc so I think it's great fun.

Hopefully more updates soon!