Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Crimson Fists - Casualty - Painting Guide


So I'm still paint testing here, to figure out how I'm going to paint the rest of my Crimson Fists units. You might have seen my last test, but of course I didn't write down any directions for that one....I'm a moron.

So I've been painting a couple of figures and paint stripping them the past month, until I remembered that I had this fine figure laying around so I thought I might as well paint it.

I used mainly Vallejo colors for this figure, actually I think I only used Vallejo colors :-p

For the Power Armour I used the following colors:

Base coat:
  • 72.019 - Game Color - Night Blue (It's very dark, a lot darker than GW Regal Blue (Or whatever its called now))

  • Night Blue (See above)
  • 72.022 - Game Color - Ultramarines Blue
  • 70.902 - Model Color -Azure (Most likely a paint in the Game Color range that match this one aswell)

  1. Night Blue base coat
  2. Night Blue 6(7):1 Ultramarines blue ratio + a few drops of water to thin it down
  3. Azure 1:1 water mix added to above mixture
  4. Repeat the above highlight if needed. Depending on how much time you wanna spent.
  5. Finish of with a fairly fine edge highlight of pure Azure (probably thinned down slightly)
  6. Depending on how much you have highlight it might be needed to tone down the recesses of the armour. I used a black wash to pin wash where needed.

For the cloak and Fist I used the following colors:

  • 72012 - Game Color - Scarlett Red

  • 70.909 - Game Color - Vermillion
  • White (any white will do to be honest, but I used a white from the Vallejo Model Color range)


  1. Scarlett Red base
  2. Apply black wash, I used Vallejo Model Wash - Black (You could also just do the base coat with Scarlett Red and add drop of black and then continue from there with highlights)
  3. Scarlett Red + water highlight
  4. Add a few drops of Vermillion to the mix
  5. Repeat step 4 if needed.
  6. Add a drop of white to the mix for the highest edges.

For the rest of the gear you can use whatever colors you want :-)

Finished figure (Still missing base)

*Update 25.10.23* - Base Done
So I manged to get the base finished. I should probably have used a 60mm Dreadnought base, but sadly I didn't have one laying around.

Hope you like it.

Feel free to comment below

- Chris


  1. Good simple scheme there. The highlighting is a nice strong contrast. Bit more in depth than my drybrush technique.

  2. Yes I try to keep it fairly simple, but still eget a strong contrast because I really like then look og it om Crimson Fist marines.

    Just took a look at tour crimson fist test figurer and i think it looks great. When all then details are painted it will look very nice :-D
    I just always fuck up drybrushing by overdoing so im going to stick with my layers :-p

  3. Disregard any weird typos... On my phone and forgot to change to english dictionary :-p

  4. This guide was very nice, I'd appreciate a look at the finished army if you have any pics