Sunday 12 November 2023

Tybalt Marr & Vheren Ashurhaddon - Sons of Horus - Horus Heresy


Hello everyone

Another post about projects I never posted about on here.
This time around it's a couple of Sons of Horus characters, that I painted quite a while back I think.

Vheren Ashurhaddon is from Forgeworld (Now just Warhammer?), slightly reposed and with a 3D-printed helmet, as I really didn't like the one that came in the set. Tybalt Marr is a custom resin sculpt, which isn't available anymore so I won't bother to say who sold it, as you sadly won't be able to get one anyway. It's based on some artwork from the Black Library Horus Heresy series, which depicts both him and Horus Aximand (Which I have painted two versions of now) on the cover.

Anyway, less talk more pictures :-)

I'm currently working on a few Napoleonic projects and Horus Ascended, but Warlord Games have just started a little painting competition I have to paint for because the prize is absolutely bonkers insane and we really want to try and win it.

Still a project or two yet to show, so I'll see if I remember it the coming days.

Until then

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