Saturday, 18 February 2017

Tactical Squad 2 - Sons of Horus

Hello everyone

So I managed to get another 10 Tactical Marines finished for my upcoming Apocalypse battle, sadly I didn't manage to finish these in time allotted, so my goal of painting 40 marines before march 4. doesn't really appear realistic now :-p

However I have started painting my first Support Squad consisting of 5 marines with Plasma guns, which I might be able to finish before the game, atleast I hope so.

Well here's a few more pictures of the new squad :) 

That's it for now, C&C more than welcome here, FB or Insta



  1. These are stunning Chris! Great choice of bases too. Really awesome contrast pop!

    1. Thank you very much Greg! :D I really like the bases aswell, it's an exellent contrast indeed

  2. These look fantastic! Did you use the FW recipe for these? Any tips on painting the armor?

    1. Thank you so much Brandon :-)
      And no use my own recipe, I do however use the FW colors Lupercal Green and Sons of Horus Green as my base colors for the armor. I'm actually planning on doing a little tutorial on how I paint the armor, since a lot of people have asked about it. But won't be done before I'm painted a single miniature.