Sunday, 18 June 2017

Sons of Horus - Praetor with Command Squad


I just finished this little project today and I thought I would take some pictures and post them before bedtime....zZzZ its 1:23AM here at the moment :p

Anyway I really wanted to do a proper HQ section for my army so assembled a cool looking Praetor and a 5 man Command Squad to accompany him on the battlefield.

Really hope you like them, feedback is more than welcome, here, FB or Instagram :)
Oh! and before anymore ask, the banner/cloak is not freehanded but rather transfers from Forgeworld :p this has been asked quite a lot during the painting process. The transfer on the banner was a test of patience to do however.





Next up another Quad Mortar (You gotta have 3 right?..right?) and some cool terminators ;)

Until next time


  1. Beautiful work as always! Must be time for a family photo by now??

  2. Thanks man :p and yes probably...I'm just not quite sure how I would go about doing that :P probably taking photos of everything individually and then putting it together in Photoshop :p that would take ages however

  3. Amazing as always!!

    The dude in standing position with power sword to the ground and the power fist is cool as hell!!

    1. Thank you very much :-D and yes that's my Praetor, really love how he turned out. I magnetised the powerfist arm so I could do more weapons for him in the future.