Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Support Squads - Melta/Autocannons - Sons of Horus

Hello everyone

I recently finished the two Support Squads I was working on, so I thought I'd better share some pictures :)

1x Tactical Support Squad (5) - with Meltaguns
1x Heavy Support Squad (5) - with Autocannons

Hopefully I will some day bring both of these to 10 man squads, but that is very low on my to-do list :-p

Well hope you like them.



  1. Fantastic work as always Christoffer! I know I'm not the first to ask, but is there any chance you could share your technique for painting the brilliant shade of green on your Sons of Horus miniatures? Or perhaps just a list of paints as a starting point? I'm about to commence work on my own SoH and would love to start from a position of knowledge.

    1. First of all thank you very much :-D
      I'm at work right now but I will be glad to write up a little guide for you later :-)

    2. That would be fantastic! I've been playing around with Vallejo & Citadel paints for a day or two without much luck.

    3. Ok seems I got a bit of time :p
      I will make a guide with pictures one day, but sadly it is not this day.

      I use an airbrush for my initial work, without it would be a lot more time consuming to get this result.

      1. Black undercoat (AB)
      2. Highlight with Forgeworld Lupercal Green (AB)
      3. Highlight with Forgeworld Sons of Horus Green (AB)
      4. Highlight with Forgeworld Sons of Horus Green + Vallejo Game Air Pale Flesh (AB) 1:1,5 ratio. (Could use any light flesh color and probably 1:2 ratio aswell :-p)
      5. Gloss Varnish (AB)
      6. Pin wash with Ammo of Mig Dark Wash (Brush)
      7. Clean excess wash with White Spirit/Odourless Thinner
      8. Edge highlight with Forgeworld Sons of Horus Green + Vallejo Model Color Light Flesh (Brush) (1:2 ratio)
      9. Add a bit of rust with Ammo of Mig Streaking Rust Effect, clean and thin on figure with white spirit/odourless thinner (Brush)
      10. Matt varnish (AB)
      11. Add pigments on legs

      And that is steps of how I do my Sons of Horus :)

      *(AB = Airbrush)

    4. Thanks for taking the time to write it up, much appreciated. It's certainly an involved process. I'll have to take a look at the Forgeworld paint range.


    5. Hahah yeah :p but that is how I get this result. There's many ways to paint SoH, probably many which are much more simple than mine. The Forgeworld paints are quite and just doing the 3 first steps, some washes and an edge highlight would probably be quite exellent :)