Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Weapon Master Veteran Squad - Sons of Horus - WIP

Hello everyone

Little update today with my current project. I've actually been painting some terrain for my local club, but needed a little break from that, so decided to paint some Veterans for my Sons of Horus.

I'm doing so many other things recently, so I haven't really got a lot of time to paint, but hopefully I will be able to finish these relatively quickly.

Hopefully I'll have more to show soon, again if you want more WIP pictures you should check out my Instagram  @DornsArrow.

Until next time

Update 18.03.2019
Got the remaining 5 veterans painted green. Now onwards to the Power Weapons and the Salamander Helmet one of them is holding up.

Update 20.03.2019
Airbrush phase basically finished now :D now I need to base coat all the metals and then transfers and oil wash.

Update 02.05.2019
Getting fairly close to being done now, still days of edge highlights to do....

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