Thursday, 30 January 2020

Horus Aximand, 'Little Horus' - Sons of Horus

Hello everyone!

Been a while since I posted on the blog since most of my current projects are Works in Progress (Check my Instagram for that). But I did just manage to get this single miniature finished.

It's for a Horus Heresy campaign we are starting up at my local club in a few month's time. The primary requirement was that everyone had to convert and paint a new HQ for their army.

Being a fan of the Sons of Horus lore I knew this was the chance to paint up another Mournival member and one of the primary characters of the XVI Legion, Little Horus Aximand.

The miniature is converted using a lot of different kits, can't really remember them all of the top of my head sadly. Things worth mentioning since I seem to get a lot of questions regarding those are the Sword from ConversionWorld and the Nameplate from Versatile Terrain. If you aren't aware of these companies I highly recommend checking both out as they make some amazing stuff!

That's it for now. I'm currently working on a huge Abaddon bust and some Javelin Land Speeders, so might see the finished speeders soon'ish. The bust is still months away from being finished however xD

Until next time

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