Saturday, 15 June 2019

Captain Remus Ventanus - Ultramarines XIII Legion - Forgeworld

"Today we march for Calth"

Hello everyone
I just finished painting this mini, which is the first of my new army project. Ever since I read "Know No Fear" I knew I had to do an Ultramarines army. This project won't be my main focus, but I will probably paint a unit once in a while, slowly building to a 2000-2500pts list, mostly centered around the events on Calth.

I thought I would start out by converting and painting my first HQ choice, Captain Remus Ventanus of the 4th Company. The model is converted from the limited Iron Hands Character, Ultramarine bits, Lokens Cloak and one of Guillimans Standards from his Scenic base.

The mini is painted with a lot of inspiration taken from Matt Kanes Ultramarines and Myles Davids Ultramarine Patreon content.


Anyway hope you like it.
Next up is another Primarch :D

Until next time


  1. That looks very cracking for a UM, Roman-esque, great job.