Monday, 12 August 2019

Grog Strongjaw - Critical Role - Steamforged Games

Hello everyone

As some might know I'm a big fan of the show Critical Role and have painted other miniatures inspired by their campaign. The show was the sole reason I got into Pen & Paper RPG's in the first place, going from never having played before to now playing in 3 active campaigns across 3 different systems.

Last year (I think) they teamed up with Steamforged Games to produce 2 sets of miniatures covering both of their campaigns on Kickstarter. Naturally, I backed it but sadly didn't get around to paint them when I received my pledge. Having recently started watching their second campaign again from where I left off (only about 50 episodes about 200 hours :-p), life getting in the way of spending 4-5 hours a week watching the show, I felt it was time to start painting them.

I'm currently in the middle of painting another model, but in between varnish & oils drying I painted the first of the characters from the miniature set covering their first campaign. I managed to paint it 2-3 evenings, so I think I will be able to paint the remaining minis fairly quickly.

Anyway, let me present my second rendition of Grog Strongjaw.


I hope you like it and hopefully I will have the rest of Vox Machina painted in no time ;) then The Mighty Nine.

Until then


  1. Nice what you got out of the miniature! I will bookmark this site as refenence when I get around to painting my pledge (but first I'll have to remove those moldlines...).

    1. Thanks man :D and yes ...that was not a very fun experience...

  2. He lookes freaking amazing :O I'm fairly new to painting minis and this blew me away! may I ask how u did the eyes cause I myself take a needle but the pupil is too big anyway. Looking forward to the rest of the crew.

    1. Thanks man!
      The rest of the crew has been postponed slightly as I need to finish a few other things first.
      The eyes was done with a lot of patience and if I recall several tries before I was happy 😝 think I painted the entire miniature with a size 1 brush, with just a little paint on the tip it can be very precise