Monday, 16 April 2018

Blood Angels Sergeant Cassiel - Dark Heresy Campaign

Hello everyone

I was recently asked if I wanted to join some friends Dark Heresy campaign as a returning NPC, that can help the players out if they get into too much trouble. Naturally, I was up for it and immediately started thinking about painting up a quick mini :-p luckily I had 10 Sternguard Veterans laying around, so I just had to order a few bits off eBay and I was ready to paint my mini.

I haven't painted anything Blood Angels related since I painted a friend's Space Hulk 3 years ago, so it was fun to see how my technique has changed since then.

Anyway, it was a fun little project that lasted a couple of days, looking forward to my first session with the group.

Until next time



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  1. Very nice and sharp - so easy for a fine pink highlight to throw the colour off red, but that works very well.