Thursday, 12 April 2018

Legion Scimitar Pattern Jetbikes - Sons of Horus - Forgeworld

Hello everyone

I just finished another project, so time for another blogpost :-D

This time I've painted 6 Scimitar Jetbikes, because my Sons of Horus army really needed some Fast Attack options (and they look amazing!). These have been so much fun to paint, even though painting 24 magnetized heavy weapons were quite boring....

I'm really looking forward to try them out, both as a Fast Attack option and as Heavy Support!

Here's a few more pictures. Hope you like them.




  1. Amazing! Have you done a trial on how you got that texture on your bases? They look great!

    1. Hey Andrew
      The bases are from here:
      I sadly don't have the skills or time for that matter, to make something like this myself :-p

  2. These look amazing too. How big is the force now? Can we have an army shot soon :)

    1. Thanks :-p god people keep asking for that, but I really don't have any possibility to take good quality photos of everything, as it takes up quite a lot of space :-p